August 21, 2010

farmers market giveaway WINNER!

Here are the first tomatoes that I picked from my plants before we left to go camping at Portage Lake Bible Camp last week. Now we are back and I have a few more maters ready to pick, and some very dead flowers in my window boxes. I did PICK THE WINNER of my GIVEAWAY....well random-shmadom picked a winner. AND the WIENER iiisssss.......(drum roll please) rat a tat tat tat tat rat a tat tat tat....

Meghan said...

Zucchini! I love it sauteed in some EVOO and sprinkled with parmesan or coated with bread crumbs and parmesan and baked. Grilled sweet corn is also a favorite. And of course- POTATOES!!! Mashed, baked, fried. I'll take them any way they come!

Meghan I can't wait to send you your Farmer Market goodie Giveaway! Just click on the "view my complete profile" over there on the right. Get my me your full name and your mailing address and I will send it to you faster than I can pick my maters!

I LOVED hearing what vegis are your favorites. But most of all I LOVED hearing how you fix them. I was super duper excited that some of you shared actually recipes! I'm hear to tell you...YOU guys rock. Big time...your the best. I only wish I had 44 of everything to send to you all. Maybe someday.

I had my 5th grade statistician do a little tally to see what veggies you loved the best. But first of all, he wanted me to let you know that, a tomato is not a vegi it's a fruit. He was very worried about it and is standing right over my shoulder as I write making sure I set you all straight....(I say who cares, I grew up thinking they were a vegetable, Kenny is shocked at this moment that tomatoes are fruits, "who knew", he says. Apparently our 5th grader does. And this just proves that we are not smarter than our 5th grader.)

Tomatoes 18%
Cucumbers 11%
Broccoli 9%
Asparagus 9%
Carrots 9%
Squash 9%
Zucchini 9%
Celery 4.5%
Sweet Potatoes 4.5%
Artichokes, Cauliflower, Beets, Potatoes, Sugar Snap Peas, Green Beans 2%

I personally was surprised at the Green Beans coming in last. I am a vegi LOVER so it would be hard for me to pick too, but green beans would have been up there for me. I definitely need to try the Beet Hummus, and the Asparagus with Goat Cheese, Oh yeh people, I am all about that kinda yummy stuff!

This is my whole garden this year.
Kinda small, but really tomatoes, basil and oregano is all I really want in life....

Basil...I love this so much it's hard for me even to use it. I am so afraid that I will use it all up and then have no more. I am anxious for more tomatoes to get ripe so I can make a ginormous pot of Roasted Tomato Basil Soup. Oh this soup is what dreams are made of.

Have a great rest of your weekend! Now I must get back to my mountains of laundry.

Luv Ya more than my Basil!

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  1. Make sure that 5th grader and Kenny and everyone else knows that cucumbers and squash/zucchini are also botanically fruit. :^)

    Welcome to the MLFB list!

  2. I did point out the tomato=fruit fact in my comment but didn't want to be a big stickler about it! LOL ;-)

  3. WOW! I actually won something?!? Thank you so much! This has been a tough week. Going through some stuff at work and my uncle passed away this weekend. This definitely brightened my day. Thank you. Just sent the e-mail. :)