March 31, 2010

I thought I would be HAPPY....

Today I finished my Sheila and Ree Project with a heavy heart, and a full belly. I thought I would be relieved when this was over, when the last recipe had been finished, the last heart written, last crumb eaten, last dished washed, and pan scrubbed. I thought I would be happy to be done. Instead I am a tad bit sad. It's been good, awesome, even spectacular at times. But such is life...ALL good things must come to an end....and so too it is with this challenge, of cooking through P-dubs cookbook. Who knows maybe I will do it again with another cookbook (if Ree's does another cookbook that is).

I did indeed stay in my jean size...although I could probably stand to go up a size. Cupcake, muffin top, inner tube, P-dub sister took a picture, (of my belly) but we decided it was in every ones best interest that I DID NOT put that up for all the world to see.

So I accomplished the challenge of the pants...AND I made it through every single recipe in The Pioneer Women Cooks. Although, I must have paged through a hundred times thinking, "I had to have forgotten one", and someone is going to call me out on it....I will be known as the fraud blogger!

As you can see this book as been well loved!

I invited my sweet "seestor" Carla and her husband Skidder over, my dad also made his way into the mix....he heard there was going to be homemade pizza and he came screeching over to my house.

Skidder is looking smug because he knows I made my Killer Coffee Ice Cream dessert, he's anticipating....

Ree Drummond can take simple ingredients and make them into the most amazing, spectacular food you have ever eaten. I found this time and time again as I made my way through her book.

I purposefully left the pizzas for last. Because who doesn't love a pizza party and I wanted to end on a good note with my children....although Potato Leek Pizza probably isn't most children's choice for a slice of pie.

Is that not a thing of beauty..........

I guess selfishly I was holding that carrot out there for myself. I couldn't wait to try these pizza's. Ree's pizza crust is perfection! I will NEVER make another.....It is foolproof.

Because this fool made it!

I put the ingredients together in the wrong, how can one do that, you ask, when there are only 4 ingredients??! Yeh, well I got distracted.....

Look at that perfect-a-mondo crust!....On this Tomato-Basil Pizza.

We had a blast...Skidder continues to refer to The Pioneer Woman as Prairie Dog...sorry Ree, the name calling is all in boys have not called you P-devil in at least 4 recipes and this day your name was not drug through the mud once! I think they could all sense my underlying a good friend was moving away.

Skidder suggested I give away MY copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks.....


Be gone with you!

She wrote.."Love your cupcakes! Sheila" in my book. How could I give such a treasure away. Did she really love the cupcakes that I baked for her, and drove for 3 hours to bring her, and then stood in line for 5 hours to give her. Only God knows what those cupcakes looked like by the time she opened the box...if she did. Really pretty scary when I think about it....receiving food from a stranger like myself.

So, I thought I would be happy when this project, I got myself into, was done...but I'm not. It was fun! I gained more than a few pounds....

I friends, a sense of accomplishment, I broadened my childrens palate, had lots of fun get togethers. AND the best part is I get to give something away at the end of it all. I love, love LOVE that!

So now here it is.....sniff, sniff, snort, sooobbb....the last chance to COMMENT to win The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Never ever in the history of Strawberry Cake will this happen again . It's over after tonight, done, this is it baby...and if you don't comment quick I am gonna start singing and we all know how horrific that can be.

Please COMMENT below to win a SIGNED copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks, let me know what your favorite post was in this wacky journey of mine, and you will be entered to win!


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March 29, 2010

ribeye steaks with WHiskEEE cream sauce

If you're talking to my butcher they are Delmonico steaks. But, it's really not about the steaks, it's all about the SAUCE!

Oh my Land! This whiskey cream sauce was so, was SO that there aren't even words for how SO, SO delicious it was! In fact I think I could have skipped the steak all together and just ate the sauce.

I had to dig "Jim" out of the back of my pantry and dust him off.

"Jim" usually only makes a brief appearance for a certain pie I make and will share with you....when you guessed it, THIS lil' project is over. My brother-n-law says this pie its better than "you know what"! He doesn't actually say "you know what", but this is a wholesome family type blog. So we will leave the "what" to your imagination.

It took a little messing with the heat and adding more cream for me to get it just right, but it was worth it!

Buttered Carrots, Roasted Potatoes, Salad and Pioneer Woman's Rosemary Rolls joined the Ribeyes at the table. If you had to make one of the above foods you need to make these Rosemary Rolls!

DAM! they are good!

I am not really into cussing so I avoid it by misspelling. I feel it doesn't count then...Well, I do on occasion say poop, darn it all, dag-nabbit, and OH Shoot! But that's beside the point these rolls are so dam good you just have to try them, and they are so easy my 10 year old could make them. Really....

But my 10 year old did not make them, instead my kids were all in a tizwad over this robin...

They found our golden retriever Jack pointing's wing was broke. My oldest daughter was heart broken for this bird....

daughter speaking:
"poor birdie"

"I feel so bad for the birdie"

"I need to go check the birdie" (five times during the meal that I put blood sweat and tears into ....OK now I am being a little dramatic.)

mother speaking:
"uuuuhhhhh, no the bird will be just fine while you enjoy your scrumptious meal...."

"uhhh no we are not going to go cut up a worm for it, right now"

"it won't starve.....while we are eating our over the TOP yummy meal."

Ugh! How does one fully enjoy a meal when their child is moping over her plate...thinking that the life of a robin depends on her, and only HER! I'll tell you how ONE does it.....with a fork and a knife and and a napkin tucked under my chin.

No me callous, unfeeling, hardened, morbid, call me whatever you call someone who can go on eating as a birdie suffers....I can take it.

We did finish our second to the last of our Pioneer Woman Cooks meals in relative peace....

Unfortunately, birdie did not make it.

Thankfully Kenny was home to take care of that, he deals with broken wings and death on a regular basis, so he handled the situations swiftly and tenderly.

OK on a lighter and brighter note.....

COMMENT! COMMENT! COMMENT! You have THREE more days to get your comments in to win. Link me to your Facebook or post me on P-dubs Facebook and I will give you extra BONUS entries. Link me to your blog and I will give you extra BONUS entries!!!!

Let the best Cowgirl win!

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March 27, 2010

P-dubs breakfast BOWLS

Practice makes perfect....that's what my daughter is finding out as she cracks the eggs for P-dubs Breakfast Bowls. These hearty breakfast bowls are perfect if you have a bunch of leftovers in your fridge just screaming to be used. Ree gives you ingredients to put in them, breakfast potatoes, bacon or sausage, cheese etc. You could really put whatever you like in an omelet in these bowls, and bake them up. Or let each person make there own, and serve big Ol', yummy cinnamons rolls while they wait....

Hey why didn't I think of that earlier!

Here you see the line up of goodies...and a mysterious hand sneaking into the bacon...Crazy Boys!

Comment and tell me what you would put in your breakfast bowl and you will be entered to win a signed copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks!

Have an awesome weekend!

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March 26, 2010

i love my dad

i love my dad
he ain't that bad
never realy that sad
i lova my dada

OK, I have been burning the candle at both ends....lots of stuff going on around our house...but tonight when I went to blog about cooking my latest Pioneer Woman creation, I opened up my posting box and there under yet to be posted was this "i love my dad".

I blinked a couple times..

Rubbed my eyes...I am having a glass of wine..just one glass and I have barely had a sip...did I start a post titled "i love my dad"???? I do love my dad, but fathers day is a ways away and I really had no daddy poem plans.

Then it HIT me! Like a flying guinea pig. My oldest daughter posted. I had left my page up...and she took it upon herself to get blog like her mama.

I nearly erased it...and started to do MY own thing.

But, I couldn't, it was too darn sweet.

So there it IS..she is eleven I hope she is still writing poems about her daddy in 5 more years...

Well, now I better tell you about how fantabulously dinner turned out tonight.

P-dubs Linguine with Clam Sauce. This recipe has a story behind it. It's the stuff movies are made of quite literally!

Well, no movies going on in this house, only mystery bloggers.

Kenny had to work tonight, so he actually just ate his linguine warmed up, and the verdict was mmmmm, mmmm, scraping fork noise, mmmmm, more scraping fork noises. I think he likes it.

My 13 year old son had a friend over after school, I was worried he was going to kill me when I told him we were having Linguine with Clam Sauce....but he didn't even flinch. AND they all ate it. Even the friend. AND my pickiest eater, boy number two, 10 year old, mathematician, type A personality, cheese only pizza kid, but he is cute as a bugs ear....he took SECONDS. Completely unheard of. Ainslie, my poet, said she wants the leftovers in her lunch, not surprising.

Thanks Ree for helping me challenge the palate of my kiddos!

Big Hug to ya!

March 25, 2010

it's the FINAL count down!

Badabom badabuuuuummmm badabuum aa aaa uuuummmaaaauuuauauaumam

It's the FINAL count down!(Can you hear me singing in my raspy, rugged , hair band voice?)

I just can't get this song out of my head today.

Must be BECAUSE I am on to the the FINAL four! The final four recipes that is...

I feel like Rocky. Unfortunately, when I look in the mirror lately I look like Rocky. Before he got all in shape and stuff. I have taken to wearing grey sweats alot, and now that I think of it I've been saying "YO" quite often.

"YO, pass the fried chicken" "YO, get me the bacon grease" "YO slap me some butter in the pan there child"

Yes I am almost's sort of bittersweet. AAh, Ok I'm not gonna get all weird on ya. Let us move on to my latest modus aperandi....concoction, recipe or what have you.(British accent needed)

Todays recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cooks Sherried Tomato Soup.

It could be this delightful ingredient that has caused my need for sweatpants...

Don't get me wrong...I am not one to leave out the butter. I am not a skimper on my fat. But I did have to do a quick check and make sure it was Ree Drummonds cookbook I was cooking through and not Paula Deens. It only used 6 tablespoons of butter, but of course I found a use for the other 2!

Then there is the matter of this....heavy whipping cream...

I tried my hand at being a Master Barista with the tomato soup...

I see no evergreen trees or hearts, but it does look like someone opening their mouth and popping a powdered donut in! Oh maybe there IS a heart up there at the top.

I used the extra 2 tablespoons of butter on a french baguette, then I sprinkled my fave season salt on there, stuck it under the broiler on HI for about 2 minutes. DON'T walk away, get on the phone or start helping your kid with his spelling or you will have raccoon food! Keep an eye on them. They brown up quick.

This salty, buttery bread is perfect with this slightly sweet, very rich soup.

I couldn't help myself I had to spread a healthy portion of Chevre on my bread...

Otherwise known as goat cheese....I was hoping not to scare some of you goat-milkaphobics away, by showing you how amazingly yummy this looks and IS! So perfect for dipping, who needs a spoon?

Have you found these AMAZING spices in your grocery store yet? They are LIFESAVERS! I love them and will never ever live with out them. They are essential to life on earth as I know it. These freeze dried spices are so close to fresh it's scary.

COMMENT below to win a copy of Ree's signed cookbook.

Become a follower(if you aren't already) and I will give you 5 EXTRA entries.
Get a friend to become a follower, they have to leave a comment saying you gave them a nuggie and made them follow my blog, and you will get 5 EXTRA entries!

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March 23, 2010

the F word

AMENDMENT: made at 11:52am for those of you, who may not want to read any further. COMMENT on this post to win SIGNED copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks!

I wanted to make this recipe earlier, but I was trying to strategically plan the meal into our family schedule, when we would not be around too many people. Well that would be... NEVER. School, church, work, meetings, sports, working out at the YMCA. These are all places that.... well, you want to be flatus free.

Yes, I did just say the F word...

Last night I made the Pioneer Woman's Beans and Cornbread. (Mine is on the left and Ree's is on the right....can you tell. I know, hers looks so much better than mine!) I also snuck in the Onion Strings, and P-dubs Restaurant Style Salsa...onions, long as we were gassing up I thought we might as well top of the tank.

Flatus, Fart, Biffer, Stinker, Toot, Woofer, Gas, Passage O, Breaking Wind, SBD(silent but deadly), SBV(silent but VIOLENT) ALL do it! Don't act like you don't!

There are two types of people in this world as far as my husband is concerned...

"The farters" AND "The people who act like they don't fart".

In his mind there is a big Ol' line drawn between them.

Oh, you didn't know this about my husband. Yes, it's true...he takes no offense to someone "letting it rip" around him. In fact if you are "in like Flynn" with him. Don't get me wrong he does have some manners, he knows when to contain himself...for the most part. Although, I have had to give him the nasty eye a few hundred times in our life together when we are out in public.

One Christmas Kenny received 3 fart must of have been the first year they came out. Everyone who saw it, bought it for him...they knew he would love it! He has probably received 3 more since.

One year we went to a White Elephant Christmas gift exchange party. Maybe you have gone to one, everybody brings a wrapped present and then there is some sort of method to getting a gift and taking one from another person....I can't remember the exact rules. Most of the night is spent passing gifts around and then at the end you finally get to open whatever you end up with in your hands.

You guessed it!

My husband wrapped the noise making part of the fart machine in a pretty little box, and put the activation button in his pocket. So who ever had the package would get a surprise. It was really quite funny, to watch people give the person next to them a sideways glance or a disgusting look and then walk away. Sometimes you could tell that they thought maybe they had let one slip, they would take a glance down at their stomach and look around all nervous. Ken would also time it just perfect, as someone was walking passed the holder of the "package" he would hit the button and they would give the passerby a startled look. Oh I think this was the best night of Kenny's life. If he tells the story he laughs so hard he cries.

You just gotta love's the simple things in life that make this man of mine happy!

Do you have this book?

Walter the Farting Dog, by William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray/illustrated by Audrey Colman. Well of course my kids have it. We have been given many books that have to do with bodily functions over the years...yes quite an interesting library my children have to choose from. If you are into this sort of thing, or have friends that are, this is a very sweet book about a dog that gets adopted into a family but they can't stand his stinky toots, and are ready to give him back...until Walter saves the day with his rancid rancor! It's a must is.

We do have a jar of this on hand...given to us of course by a well meaning friend...maybe we should give it a try.

Now I will leave you with a little diddy we sang as kids, and I have since passed (no pun intended) on to my children..

Beans, beans the musical fruit,
The more you eat, the more you toot...
The more you toot, the better you feel,
So let's have Beans for EVERY meal!

This post was not intended to offend anyone...but if it did well then I guess you are on the other side of that big Ol' line!

Bombs Away!

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March 21, 2010

dinner with FRIENDS

Having people over for dinner is something we do often. I love to have a herd of friends over to eat, for supper, breakfast, a snack, coffee, lunch! The more the merrier!

It's the way I grew up. We quite often overflowed our family table. Remember T.V. trays? I don't know how my mom did it. She taught me you don't need to have a big kitchen to feed lots of people...she did extraordinary things with 1 oven and an electic stove. Electric stove...isn't that a swear word?

The only time I do not get excited about feeding people is when I get my kitchen ALL cleaned up and a child (or worse yet an adult) shows up at my side and says.....

"I'm hungry"

Cereal......have a bowl of oats!...Cheerios, Baby! Then scat, am-skram out of my kitchen!

Last night we had some good friends over for a Pioneer Woman extravaganza!
I am hoping none of us have to get our lipids checked this week....if so we might be in some serious trouble after this meal!

Starting with dessert....we didn't eat dessert first, but this picture was the best so I thought I'd start with it. Pineapple Upside Down Cake.....oooh Mama! I have to make this for my Dad for his birthday. And that's all I will give him...the cake will be his gift...this cake is soooo freaking good he will forget I didn't give him a present!

(Not that I don't like giving my father's just...well all he wants is underwear and socks and I am frankly tired of buying him stuff he needs to buy for himself!)

Here we have the Cheese Grits...

Grits are something I have to admit I have never made. Well, lets just say these were sinful. They are loaded with cheese, and eggs, and butter!

Oh MY!

I probably won't make them very often because I was the only one, of course, that really loved them. I say "of course", because I have yet to find a food that I don't care for. I am the least picky eater, ever. Bugs...I've said I will not do bugs. Now the grits are calling my name, just like those leetle French poofs. Ooooo-dogee cheese grits warmed up with a little extra cheese melted on the top sounds like the perfect bedtime snack...for someone who doesn't want their jeans to fit that is! So I am holding my own against the call of the grits!

Twice Baked Potatoes

These are a family favorite! My kids even ate the left overs warmed up today...that is nothing short of miraculous in this family. My family is not good at eating leftovers.

I will take full responsibility for that...

Growing up we ate the food until it was waste.

"Waste not want not", that's what my mom would say.

Unfortunately it has turned me off to eating the same food two or three days in a row. I usually try to reinvent leftovers if possible....or pawn them off on people as they leave. Or like today I brought leftovers to my sister and Skidder....

Skidder didn't get any of this. It was gone. Our sweet dog Jack didn't even get a morsel. This Beef Brisket was so tender. I marinated for two days and then baked it for 5 hours...this piece of meat was ready to be consumed!

It was mouth watering, tender, yummy goodness! Next time I will buy a bigger piece of meat so we have leftovers. This would easily make good sandwiches, tacos, enchiladas....

9 days and 7 recipes left!

April 1, the WINNER of the cookbook GIVEAWAY will be announced!

That means 9 more days for you to get your friends and family on over here to make a comment!

Have a good one!

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March 19, 2010


WOW, I reread my post from yesterday...

What a spaz.....who was that lady?

Pioneer Woman Nazi??? Who says that? Like anyone associated with Ree or any lover of Ree, could be a Nazi in any sense of the word. Please accept my apologies.

Then the whole Scott Baio confession...WOW...that was chancy. So if you read yesterdays post and you are back today you must really want this cookbook bad.


By the way, if you haven't gone to the Pioneer Woman's site IS the day you might want to. She kinda sorta announced that they (as in Hollywood) are planning on making her book, (when she finishes it) Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, into A MOVIE!!!! Oh my, oh my pits are pouring a river for Ree, GMA was nothing compared to this.

My silly girlfriend called me this morning, and said I had to get on The Pioneer Woman's site and find out what was going on....The reason I call her my silly girlfriend, is she's was talking like I had some part in this whole "movie" things because I am cooking through Ree's cookbook! I am laughing out loud, right now.

Like... where do I fit into PW and Marlboro Mans love story?

That is just bust a gut funny!

She only commented once on my blog...we are not real life friends....but hmmmmm if I were to be cast in the movie...which I will not be....but completely whacked out, hypothetically, maybe if I were, who would play me?

OK, let us venture back to the real world, and talk about these calzones!

They were fantastic. Very meaty. Everyone in my family loved them. I even took some to the Recipe Party I went to. I cut them in fours so everyone could have a taste. They were a hit.

I said I would share the recipe I made, and took to the party....I will later. After this Sheila and Ree Project is done. I am looking forward to sharing some of my families favorites recipes with you. Until then it's just me and P-dub!

I have to tell you I have been having computer problems....not sure why I feel the need to unload my computer whoas on you...but here goes. When I started this blogging thing we still had dial up.

Yes I said DIAL UP!

My computer connection was as slow as a slug in January!

To download a picture it took so long...I would do a load of laundry or vacuum a room as it downloaded. But now I have an air card....WOO WOO! Big hairy deal. If a plane flies over my bars take a dip and I loose everything I wrote! AAAAAaaah Waaahh. So, this happened to me the last two posts I wrote. I had them all written and Bye-Bye...Blip...they were gone! I have been stalking AT&T to try and get them to come back to my house. I live not far from fact people 1/4 of a mile away have Comcast and U-verse and all that jazz. But because we don't live in a neighborhood, and we live quite a way off the road they won't come back to us....If any of you have some tricks or clues as to what I should do...I would be much obliged.

Comment for the chance to WIN! This signed cookbook could be worth some big-bucks after the movie comes out!!!

Have a great weekend!

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March 18, 2010

CRAZY kitchen

I need more time. I spent a bit too much time slowly folding cloths while watching Ralph Macchio host the Today Show this morning now I am multi tasking big time!

Bunny trail...I loved Karate heart is swooning right now as I think of Ralph waxing on and waxing off....he was no Scott Baio mind you(I had at least 100 posters of Scott on my bedroom wall, very embarrassing, I did not need to share that...)well at least he turned into a better man than Scotts.....

I have this going for the Cowboy Calzone I am making, from The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook, tonight for my family. As I write I am browning..hopefully not burning...the sausage and hamburger that go in these tasty pockets. I will share the finished product with you tomorrow...but you can still comment on this post to WIN the PW cookbook.

Then I got this piece of beef marinating for our dinner on Saturday. Saturdays dinner is going to be chocked full of P-dubs recipes. OOO-Doggeee! I'm gonna be making some work of this project on Saturday let me tell ya! I did turn the meat so it is fat up after I took the picture...just in case there are any PW nazi's out there.

Now this is a problem for me. I have been trying to get 24oz of water down a day, but am constantly chasing it with coffee...making for ALOT of potty breaks.

This was my snack/lunch today. I needed to share these with you because they are REALLY good. So if you like wasabi, then these are the snack for you! Wasabi, Amen!

Now in the middle of all this I was prepping for another dinner I am making to take to a recipe party. And look at this funny little mushroom!

Yes! I said recipe party. A bunch of ladies are getting together to eat and exchange recipes. My ride is here so I gotta go! I will share this recipe with you tomorrow also!


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March 17, 2010

Go mbeannai Dia duit!

St. Patricks Cathedral, Dublin 1996.

I have a bit'o the Irish in me somewhere, I think, because....


I love Guinness beer, and Irish music, and the stomping, clomping dance.

Michael Flatley you ROCK!

The statue of Molly Malone in Dublin...they call her "the dish with the fish".

In 1996 Kenny and I were "lucky" enough to go to Ireland. I was six months pregnant and we booked ourselves a two week bus tour through England, Scotland, and Ireland. Why? Well, because I figured after this papoose was born we were most likely not going to be jetting off to the Emerald Isle(or anywhere over seas for that matter). We never gave a 2nd thought to who else might be on our bus tour...until we got on the bus...last of course. As we walked to the back of the bus there was much mumbling and side mouth talking. As we sat down I heard the lady behind us say, "I think they must be on the wrong bus." NO, we were not, BUT we WERE the youngest couple on the bus by 25 years! And needless to say no one else was pregnant!

We had a blast! These folks were from all over the globe, but the majority of them were from Australia. I can't believe I didn't have Noah early from all the laughing we did.

If I remember the story of "The Doors of Dublin" correctly...the owners of the houses had to paint their doors different bright colors so when they stumbled home from the pub after a pint or two they would hopefully be able to remember the color of their door and make it the right house....only in Ireland!

After I spent the morning pining over memories of the care free days...days of travel and adventure, and old people bus tours. I got to work on my St. Patty's Day dinner. I got the grand idea from Bakerella to use green food coloring in P-dubs Red Velvet cake instead of...well, instead of red. Then I used green sprinkles for the top and there you have it St Patricks Day dessert!

Yes PLEASE comment now to win The Pioneer Women cooks cookbook!

I spent a good chunk o' time pouring over Irish sayings and blessings. Them Irish sure have a way with words let me tell ya. Mostly it's about the drink, the devil, the drink, and God, and the drink some more. They have a thing about cats too....strange, I never really liked cats. I must be Irish!

"Oh he occasionally takes an alcoholiday!"

"Daylight comes to the drunkards roof the fastest."

"He'd step over 10 naked women to get at a pint!"

See what I mean....

My family will be happy that I put the green hats, sparkly shamrock necklaces, and glitter back on the shelve at the grocery store. I opted for making my own St. Patty's Day decorations.

I cut out shamrocks from green paper...obviously, sorry, then I gave us each Irish names. Then on the back I put an Irish saying or blessing.

My daughter came home from school today....complaining of a lump in her throat and a bad taste in her mouth....

Oh my Garshk!!! I think she must have swallowed Lucky the Leprechaun and he did his duty on her tongue! I fed her an authentic Irish meal and she made a quick recovery.

Baked Corned Beef, Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Mashed Taters, and Soda Bread

Were you worried that I was going to put green sprinkles on the brussel sprouts?

Roasted Brussel Sprouts
1 medium onion sliced
1 granny smith apple peeled, cored, and sliced
4 tablespoons butter
1 pound brussel sprouts washed, trimmed, and cut in 1/2
1 teaspoon salt
fresh ground pepper to taste
Preheat oven to 425
Melt butter in iron skillet, saute' onions and apples until they start to get tender and brown. Layer the prepared brussel sprouts on top of onions and apples, salt and pepper, put pan in oven for 30-40 minutes. After 15 minutes move the BS and onions mixture around, just give it all a little toss. Brussel sprouts should be fork tender and slightly browned when done.
Aaaaah life is good! These are so yummy, if you like Brussely sort of things.

When I was a kid we used to look for four leaf clovers for hours....because what else was there to do, as we picked our way through the lawn we would sing this song.... and I would sing, of course, painfully off key!
I'm looking over a four leaf clover
That I overlooked before
One leaf is sunshine, the second is rain,
Third is the roses that grow in the lane.
No need explaining the one remaining
Is somebody I adore.
I'm looking over a four leaf clover
That I overlooked before.

Tell me you picked clover and sang this song too, when you were a child...those were the good ol'days!

Thanks for reading all my random shmandom St. Patty's Day stuff, I felt a little ADD today. I would like to give you all an Irish blessing...

I-rish you a very nice place to live,
I-rish God's greatest gifts he'll give.
I-rish you health, and wealth, and more--
I-rish your smilin' face were at my door!

May God Bless You!

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