March 03, 2010

PRUNE cake

Iny's Prune Cake with Buttermilk Icing is the full and complete name of the recipe. Well! I don't know who the heck Iny is but she has one DELICIOUS cake recipe! Thanks to Iny for sharing it with Ree and thanks to you Ree(....are you out there Ree?, are you reading my blog Ree?, do you know I am cooking through your cook book in 84 days and trying not to go up a pant size?) for sharing the recipe with your adoring fans in your cookbook The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

Sorry I got delusional there for a minute. Sometimes I actually think that Ree might be reading my blog....who knows maybe...lets just say she is...secretly. I'm a glass is half full kinda girl. And what if she does? I don't know...then she does, and I will be happy that she knows I took the time to cook all the recipes she so painstakingly put to print!

No! My delusions are not so GRAND, as to think that I would write a book about the experience, and then someone would make a movie out of it. The book would be painfully boring....BUT the movie might be somewhat entertaining....not that much really, unless you are a blogger, cooking, freak like myself.

So now that I REALLY got off on a bunny trail....hey Easter is just around the corner and I actually found these at the store yesterday....

I had to restrain myself and only buy 5 bags...the other two are already in the candy dish. In case you were counting my bags, and questioning my math.

Ok bunny trail again. So this cake was FABulous! Caramely and spicy, and moist. Perfect for breakfast or late night snacking or early afternoon coffee, or maybe after steak fajita dinner (which is how we are having it).

I keep saying "Iny", in my head. Now I keep thinking... Iny-Hiney, Iny...Hiney...maybe, I have hiney on the brain, because MY hiney is going to be very large by the end of this project!

Although the frosting got a bit possessed and freakish on me. I got scared and screamed and just about dropped my camera on my toe, but I caught it. After the frosting and I calmed down...and turned out marvelous. The frosting turned out marvelous, not me...

Just so you know you can't taste buttermilk in the frosting at all, if the buttermilk thing scares you.

I have heard of people having a buttermilk phobia, so just in case you are a buttermilkaphobic no will never know that there is a lick of buttermilk in the frosting. Speaking of licking I licked the pan, and the spatula clean. Then later I saw my reflection in a mirror and realized I had Iny's frosting on my forehead....from sticking my head in the pan...sad but, true.

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  1. The buttermilk doesn't scare me but the prune does. Does the cake make you regular?

  2. I hear ya sista! Prunes kinda scare me though, but the frosting, yum. I will take your word for it. Have you made the peach cobbler stuff with the maple frosting, that stuff I have no words for, but heaven. I hope Ree is reading your blog too!

  3. Girls...seriously forget that there are prunes in there and don't tell a sole b/c this is one of the best cakes I have ever tried! I agree w/ Sheila...the frosting is a bit tricky.

  4. I am not sure that the cake sounds good...but I am trying to grow as a food person so I think I would give it a try (I tend to only eat what I know and like, and not true new things) about the Cadbury Mini Eggs....HUGE fan - really about the only Easter candy I must have each year!

  5. They look great, but the name scares me...Prune Cake.

  6. I have been wanting to try this for like a year now!! Every time I go to her website I stop at this cake and stare at it for a while. Not sure why I haven't made it yet, well, honestly I do think it is because of the prunes. They remind me of my aunt Cattie who used to eat slimy prunes in a bowl every morning and it always grossed me out. Bleckhhh! But the cake looks so moist and that's the only kind of cake I like - the super crazy moist kind! anhoo, I am rambling. I love those Cadbury eggs too - was just telling Skidder about them the other day. Mmmmmmm.

  7. Pam Mc from OH
    I really want to try this cake. It looks yummy! I've never eaten a prune but am game for it in this form!

  8. Sheila, you are hysterical! :~>

  9. Sheila...the above comment is from Terri Rumble...I am going to walk her thru how to sign up and become a follower. She sent me a message about how to sign on and then said she stayed up way to late reading the blog b/c it was so entertaining.

  10. I want to try it, but I've been chicken so far. Maybe I'll bite the bullet and just do it!