April 21, 2010

rocket scientist I AM NOT

Making lunches is just one more thing we have to do in the morning. And if you are a night owl like me, you take every last minute of sleep you can get and end up running around like a crazy woman in the morning. LITERALLY a crazeee woman, nutso, cuckoo-bird. I am not quick of body or mind in the AM hours. Then there are always the eight gagillion things my kids think need to be done before they go to school. Like clipping guinea pig claws, and scrubbing our muddy sneakes clean on the kitchen counter (that could not have been done the night before...no way Jose'), then there is the hair that needs to be straightened and subsequently thrown in a pony tail???????? Aaahhhh!

Sometimes I have my act together, I get up and take a shower like probably most of you do, wake up my kiddos, start making there lunches while I get them their breakfast...it's a glorious day when the stars align for such a day as this. Unfortunately the previous scene is the one happening around these parts.

I have to say I am sorry about about my very allergic cookies. I am so bummed for all of you that have to deal with food allergies. I frankly don't know how you do it. I would be a nervous wreck. I found one site that looked like it had some ideas and a list of other sites you could go to. I have to admit I did not read through it thoroughly so hopefully it is helpful.

Today I just want to suggest that you think OUT of the box for your kids lunches. What do they really like to eat when they are home for lunch? If it's something hot, then put it in a thermos. My kids went through a streak where they ate buttered noodles or rice for weeks in their lunch. You could even put cold stuff in a thermos. If they like tuna salad, then put some crackers in a baggy to eat the salad on, or chicken salad if you are a seafood free school.

Or like the above choices, neatly tucked into 1 3/4 cup Glad plastic containers. Salad, cereal(they can grab the white milk from school,so you don't have to worry about it staying cold), or the favorite of my boys beef jerky. If you have a good local butcher, I bet they make their own. Healthier and cheaper for you!

Well now I actually have to feed my kiddos dinner....

I am a feeding maniac!

Feed, Feed, Feed... "Are you hungry? Do you need a snack? Have you drank your milk today? Water? How about an apple, I made some salsa.".....I think my kids and husband half the time see my mouth moving but hear this. "Wa wa wawa, wat wa waawaawawal" Like the school secretary's voice that comes over the intercom on Peanuts.

"Wawa wawat wawa waaa wa wa waawaa". I said....

OK, I am off, and I wish you happy lunch packing!

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  1. I seriously love these lunch ideas! Growing up I only got a sandwich,drink, and snack.

  2. My kiddos love cereal in a thermos, just add school milk. We sometimes add strawberries or blueberries too. About this time of year I get so sick of packing lunches and need new ideas. Thanks, Sheels