April 04, 2010


I LOVE words. Not because I am good with them. Just because I love how they can bring me to another place. They can help me create something, I wouldn't have thought of myself. They make me laugh I love a good play on words, a rhyme, a poem.

Shel Silverstein....NOW that man has the word thing down! Is that weird that out of a bazillion writers, I pick Shel?

Well, how about Dr. Seuss, another one of my favorites. The thing that amazes me about these writers is how much they said with so few words.

The Giving Tree...the unconditional love of a tree toward a boy. This book is a must read. I have it in German and English....

Green Eggs and Ham...."try them and you may I say", persistence, just try something new, I live this one out most days.

"Try cleaning your room...try it try it, and you may...you may enjoy living in it this way".

"Take a bite, I promise you will see, it will not make you gag or go EEEE".

I think...Dr. Seuss wrote his books more for the parents than the children...

Then there these books full of bountiful, scrumptious words........

I love to read cookbooks and books about food, fiction books that talk about food. Beach Music....Pat Conroy....read it years ago and my mouth still waters thinking of all the food description in that book. Cold Tangerines up there on top of the pile...not really a food book, but Shauna Niequist is a fellow foodie and she touches on how food brings people together. It sure does!

I grew up with a man of few words. My father. He's a funny guy. He's funny because he doesn't try to be. He just says random, weird rhyming sort of things. I used to be embarrassed as a teenager, but now I just giggle. Here are a few "Stevey-weevyisms" (that's what my husband calls them, well....because my Dads name is Steve.)

"Yummy in my tummy"

"Hyper in her diaper", this one came to life when my sister was little and nutty.

"Simalac attack", also a baby sister saying when she was freaking out for her bottle.

"Tasty and toolicious"

"I see said the blind man"....(this one is said here and there through out conversations).

"Nummy nummy say thank you to the mummy"

Well, enough about my fathers strange language habits....I started looking around my house and I realized how many words I have just hanging out, here, there, and pretty much everywhere....

These are funny because I like to put them in silly orders that make no sense, but when I say them it makes me laugh even harder, than if, it just said what it should, which is LAUGH. LOL.

TRULY, laughter is the best medicine!

Laughter releases endorphins, a chemical 10 times more powerful than the pain-relieving drug morphine, into the body with the same exhilarating effect as doing strenuous exercise. OK! no more work outs for me. I am starting a new class and I am going to call it "gigglcise"!

Laughing increases oxygen intake, thereby replenishing and invigorating cells. It also increases the pain threshold, boosts immunity, and relieves stress. Now I can forget all that money I am spending on vitamins...we are going to have tickle therapy twice a day around our house!

Who knew that I could have just giggled my way through child birth!

Were you beginning to think that I went educational on you??? Sorry, I will try not to do that very often.

I am so blessed to have a friend that is a WORD whiz! Her inspiration is from Gods true Word..........WOW. I call her the RedLetterWord Lady. But really she is just beautiful Dee. God has given her a gift to put His words into a format that we can put in our home on our walls to remind us and inspire us....I LOVE my Red Letter Word Art!

Dee can also make non-scriptural word art.....

like this she gave me for my birthday....because I am a dancing freak! I love to dance, and can get a bit freakish on the dance floor. (come back tomorrow and bring your friends because I am doing a RedLetterword GIVEAWAY)

Then I found this awesome, wordy, fun stuff at an Art Show before Christmas this year...

....see how you can change up the words to say what you want by switching the letters around.....too FUN!

A couple of moms that have been friends since 1st grade came up with this...it is so AWESOME! The name of their business is "1st grade Friends". I love that!, and now they are creating word puzzle art together! Who woulda thunk it?

Skidder you are a stinker!

Now if I haven't totally bored you to death with my wordy post...I wanted to share this with you it is a little "craft" that I came up with to do with my kids. A few people have asked me where I got the idea, I am not sure...I think I thunk it up on my own...but I could have seen it somewhere.... who knows I'm over 40, my memory is kaput!

Then it just so happened that I had lovely Jewels take my kiddos pictures for our Christmas card last year...and my kids got totally out of control. Asking her to take all kinds of extra pictures of them...posing and dancing and getting all crazy. She is so sweet she went with it.... and got these great shots. True artist that she is. And these awesome shots just so happened to go spectacularly with my word art collages I was doing with the kids. Voila...cool wall arrangement.

(sorry, could not figure out how to get this vertical...so lay your head on your left shoulder...there see isn't that a cool wall arrangement..or just tip your computer on its side...what ever works for you!)

I will show you how you too can do a word art collage. If you want...but you must be prepared to have your house mog pogged....I am still scraping bits of the stuff off my counter. Stay tuned.... for the word art collage tutorial..woooohoo sounds professional.

Here are some other wordy things I have around my house....

There is more actually, but I am fearful that I have bored you terribley already....SO COME BACK tomorrow, bring your friends, family, and all living breathing humans that you know or can find, BECAUSE I am doing...

The most SPECTACULAR GIVEAWAY known to man!

Happy Easter! Many, many blessings to you and your family!


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**statistics on laughter came from robinthompson.com and laughterforhealth.com


  1. Oh, words...sweet words from you while you are away. Thanks for the new post.