May 23, 2010


Did you know that I am going to visit Ree Drummond on her ranch somewhere in the north east corner of Oklahoma?

You didn't?

WHERE have you BEEN?

For the LOVE of all things chocolate...please tell me by now you at least know who Ree Drummond is. NO!

OK please go here.

HI! You're back. So you visited Ree's blog/website.

Yes I am going to the Ranch with a van load of other women. New friends, old's gonna be a blast. I met my new friend Karen for lunch today. We had burgers(I will write about that later). We could hardly eat our burgers we were in such a yack fest over this whole trip.

It's gonna be THE BOMB! Do people still say that? THE BOMB. Well it is. It is going to be the best! I can't wait.

AND I can't wait to share it with all of you!

I am gonna post so many pictures you are going to feel like you were there with me. I promise!

ALSO, I am working on a fantabulous GIVEAWAY that involves P-Dub. So stay tuned for that!
I should know the details SOON!

OK, now I am going to stand up click my heals three times, because I can't quite contain my excitement.


Next time I will just clap my hands or maybe do a small "happy" dance.

I LuvYA!

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  1. Can't wait to hear all about it...I might have to sign up on that goofy Twitter thing just to get moment by moment updates! Hopefully your phone and computer work in OK.

  2. How exciting!! I thought she lived in Texas?

  3. Cant wait to hear all about the trip and see the pictures!

  4. Hi, I love Ree Drummond's recipes and blog, can't wait to hear all about it, I always wanted to visit her ranch ...:)

  5. I can not wait to read all about it! I even signed up for twitter just to follow you....

  6. I intend to hide in your suitcase so ... make sure you pack snacks in there for me.

  7. Still jealous. But, still estatic for you! You will have a blast, wish I was going. Enjoy the SWEET life and keep me posted on the goings ons.
    The Park Wife