June 09, 2010

may i INTERRUPT this very AWESOME giveaway for a PW RANCH VISIT update....

Last night we had a VIM, (very important meeting) at Panera Bread. We all finally came together around the same table (minus 1) to plan and discuss our trip to Ree Drummonds ranch in Oklahoma. In two weeks 7 women and I are skeedaddling our patooties on down to the Ranch for a fun filled weekend of LOTSA stuff.

The stuff and lotsa other things will all be revealed....eventually.

May I introduce the beautiful women young and a bit older than young that will be traveling together on this adventure.

Laura, multi talented grad student, computer whiz, airline ticket booking extraordinaire.

Dee, mom of four, who has never left her family to go this far away....slightly nervous, but mostly super-duper excited. ( the RedletterWord Lady)

Carla, my sweet seestor. Enough said.

Demetria, mom of two girls, otherwise known as Big D. Enough said.

Both mildly excited about going to the ranch. By mildly I mean they only burst out singing the song " Surrey with a Fringe" twice during our meeting.

Karen, mom of four, PW fan and follower. Organizer of Ranch trip.

Cyndee, mom of three, mother of the above Laura , and Anna who is also going but was unable to make the meeting. Friend of Karen. PW follower.

These two ladies were also only a tiny bit excited.....at this point in the meeting they had just returned to their seats from doing the Mexican Hat Dance in the middle of Panera. No they are not excited at all.

Sheila, which would be me, and who you know, most likely, more about than you ever wanted to. I was so excited to be with these ladies that my armpits sprung a leak. (surprise, surprise)

What do we want to have Ree cook for us? Hmmm...too many choices...Carla decided to check The Pioneer Woman's site to remind us of all the yummy things we could have Ree make us.

Here are our scribbles of things that sounded extra yummy. Notice the 2 in front of the Tres Leche Cake......yes, this cake is so scrumptious one would not be enough. Well and we were hoping PW and her posse would come share it with us! We're not oinkers, if that's what you were thinkin'.

Here we have some very serious airline ticket purchasing going on.

More airline ticket purchasing...have you ever tried to book flights for 8 women to Tulsa? I didn't think so....you should try it sometime you will not be able to stop smiling for days.

The serious business of getting all our names spelled right. We wouldn't want to give them any reason at the airport to give 8 ladies a frisk down....or worse yet deny us travel.

And lastly this is my ticket that I printed off when I arrived home....well as you see it got printed over PW's recipe for Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies that I was planning on making my Kenny for Fathers Day....because malted milk chocolate balls are his FAVE. The recipe must have gotten stuck back in the printer facing down....cwazy.

So we got most of the specifics ironed out and Karen went home with a list of questions to email Ree.
#1 Is there a liquor store on the property. (not that we want liquor, we were just curious)

#2 Ree do you want to stay up all night and watch movies and eat French Breakfast Puffs with us?

#3 Can we do a photo shoot with Charlie?

#4 Will you ask Marlboro Man if he will teach us how to rope a calf?

#5 At any point during our visit will calf nuts be on the menu? And if so could you please remove them or at least double dip them in chocolate, and serve them with some very strong coffee with cream, thank you.

#6 Is there a coffee pot in the Lodge?

Must have lots of coffee....need coffee...cannot live, breath, or sleep without coffee.

So this is the beginning....just the beginning of the freaking awesome adventure I get to embark upon with 7 other ladies.

Oh yeh, I forgot to tell ya they had to kick us out of Panera, it was closing time....hoping it is the last time I get asked to leave anywhere when I am with the above described company.

***OK don't forget to check out the giveaway, if you haven't already***

Good-bye for now and Thank You for letting me interrupt.

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  1. I am excited for you ladies. I better get a souvenir - just not a calf nut please.

  2. Still jealous but SOOOOOOO excited for you. It is so wonderful how it has all worked out that you guys can meet up and bond even before the trip!

  3. Color me jealous for real! I hope you and your gals have an amazing trip! I read your Cold Tangerines post 3 times already as well as Shauna's site, thank you so much for introducing such a lovely book. I hope to win but if I don't I will definitely be buying it myself!

  4. You are what make me laugh... you do! Hope I win, that book sound sso good. Bring me something back. Just not a calf nut!!! So excited you all! Last we talked the trip was small. So excited that Big D is going!!!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  5. I am so excited for all of you! I hope you take lots of pictures and bring some food back for me! Hee hee!! Have fun!!

  6. It was great to meet everyone, it will be a wonderful trip with lots of laughter. I've emailed Ree and will forward you any replies. A link to your blog was included in my email, incase she wanted to check us out.


  7. Your Cold Tangerine post was so encouraging to me this week. I found your blog when I did a search for pioneer woman and I'm so glad I did because I enjoy your updates.

  8. I think you need an even #, 7 is not good and you should take 8 so I am going to stow away in one of your bags!!! Still can't believe you are going Sheila and Big D! If I can't, I am so sure you can't!

  9. SO excited for you, Sheila! The Big D gave us the blow by blow last night (including the bit about the calf nuts, which produced quite a lively discussion among our neighbor friends)!

    Have a GREAT trip. :)