October 27, 2009

Thankful for Soup!

Have you ever lost anything?  Have you ever thought you lost your kid?  How about someone elses kid, or the whole soccer team for that matter.  Ever have one of those days where your kinda busy, not too bad though.  Just gettin stuff done, actually had time to fold laundry and watch "What not to Wear".  But then all of  a sudden things get crazy and you have to be 10 places at once, okay just three places, but it feels like 10!  And it  raining again, so that makes my head a little funny anyway. 
So I had to pick up Noah from basketball try outs, in the mean time Luke got picked up for soccer, I got home fed the people who were in my house to eat then I had to get Ainslie to her game to cheer (its still raining mind you and harder now), then I have to get over to the soccer fields to pick up Luke and two other boys.  With the rain and the traffic around the metropolis of Grandville, I got a little behind and wasn' late picking up the boys, but I was not early.  Then when I got to the fields I saw some lady friends and we chatted for a minute about rain boots.... then I went looking for the boys.  AND they were not there! Not just my kids but NO coaches or any other kids from their team.  So my ears start ringing and my mouth goes dry.  I call Di, trying to sound casz "hey the boys arent here, could Elizabeth have taken them home?"  She says she will try and reach her and get back with me.  In the meantime, I am straining my eyes and pacing back and forth between soccer fields.  "am I looking right at them? did Luke go to soccer? do I have this whole night messed up? am I at the right place?"  CRaZy, feel like I am going craaazy.  Can anyone relate?????
Di calls back "no Elizabeth is home, she doesnt have the boys". WAWAWAWaaahhh.  oh my, hmmmm well where could they be? in my calm voice.  Then my dear friend and fellow mother of four remembers her conversation with her husband earlier in the day.  "So I'll get the boys? " says the husband, "yeh sure, k luv ya" says the wife (5million chachillion other things going on in her mind) OH my I bet Brock got the kids....apology, apology.  But really no apology is needed, cause I can relate, it happens, our lives keep spinnin.  And sometimes things get mixed up, miscommunicated.  I am just thankful that I know the boys are safe, and I did not loose my mind.  Not today anyway. 
I love my kids.  I love watching them do things that interest them.  I am so thankful that I get to chase my kids around, that I have a dependable vehicle.  (like that word? motorized vehicle, I sound like my grandpa)  I am just thankful......Also thankful that I am hungry for soup and guess what I have 2 legless Costco rotisserie chickens in my frig.  Legless, yes they are legless because my kids always fight over the legs.  "I call leg".  I know its kinda weird.  And of course no one can ever remember who got the legs last time.  So this time I bought two chickens so there would be no fighting over who gets a leg AND rotisserie chicken is so easy to turn over into another dinner the next day.
 So today its Chicken Noodle Soup!
4 stalks celery, plus chop up that leafy stuff in the middle of the celery it gives soup good flavor
1/2 large onion
2 cloves garlic
diced carrots as many as you want
-saute in 2Tbl butter and olive oil till onions are tender
throw in diced left over chicken
1 large container of chicken stock, or 2 cans
2 cups of water
season with salt, pepper, poultry seasoning
-simmer all that for an hour or so then I cook my noodles seperately, don't get them too done, and then I add
them to the pot.  You can really put what ever you like in there corn, peppers, green beans.  Its all good in chicken noodle soup.  Then I serve it with biscuits.  If I feel like making them or good ol Panera bread. Heh! another thing to be thankful for,  a Panera bread a half mile down the road.  Cause this family LOVES  bread!

My Moms Biscuits
2 cups all purpose flour
4tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1Tbl sugar
-using a pastry cutter or a fork with work toss the above together then cut in 1/2cup Crisco or butter  (sometimes if I make a double batch I will put a stick of butter and 1/2cup shortening.)  Cut it until it is mixed well and crumbly, no big chunks of shortening should be hanging out in there.  Then with a fork add 1cup of buttermilk, mix just until its holding together.  Then turn the gooey mess out onto a very well floured surface, put more flour on top and pat down into a workable oval about 3/4 inch thick.  Then I just use a juice glass to cut out my biscuits lay them in a greased cake pan and bake at 375 20-30min until they are golden brown.
serve warm with butter and if you want dessert  put honey on them!


  1. More thankful when the soup arrives @ your front door with a smile! I have been on the receiving end of this fabulous soup before! Yummy in my tummy~Demetria

  2. Sheila, having just read this one.... I felt the need to tell you (since no one else commented on it!), that yes, I have had days like that!!! More than I'd care to admit! If some of those days could have been redeemed with homemade chicken soup -- ahhh. I'm sure it would have taken some of the adrenaline out of the craziness! Thank you for sharing and being able to communicate/describe the days we all have from time to time. Loving your blogs! Lisa