October 30, 2009

pumpKIN Seeds

I am pooped. This fall/Halloween things wipes me out man........we finally got around to carving pumpkins, that we didn't even get at a pumpkin patch this year. I am an embarrassment to myself. I bought them at the corner gas station! They are actually very nice gourds, but they were not picked from the patch. I thought I was gonna get away with this laziness. BUT no, my oldest announced that it just cant be Fall until he goes to an orchard picks and apple and has a donut! (Whew, thank goodness he did not say AND pick out a pumpkin, cause ol'Maw did that at the corner

Ok, what is my point in all this blathering about pumpkin buying??? We make traditions for our kids and it ends up being alot of pressure and work. But it is good memories for them, things they will talk about with their kids, and hopefully do with their kids. And in the end sometimes we have a year that we have to compromise our selves and buy the dog gone pumpkin at the station cause between all the sports and so on, pumpkin buying got forgot and now its Halloween tomorrow so........we are hoping to try and make it to Robinettes on Sunday and get ourselves a donut and cider. I have heard that Post Family Farm has the BEST donuts on the planet, I have yet to have one, maybe next year.....

And adding to the nostalgia and memories is of course roasting the seeds, cause they are so very yummy! The smell of nearly burning seeds is a memory in itself. I did not burn them this year but I have. And thats such a bummer when that happens. Cause you know you just ain't gonna do that all over again just to have some roasted seeds. So your going to have to wait till next year. Ken says he almost has a cardiac arrest from the amount of salt I put on them, but I think a man could have a cardiac arrest from eating so many so fast...... but thats just my opinion.

Pumpkin Seeds
seeds from 5 pumpkins :D
1 stick of butter melted
a few shakes of cayenne pepper
1/4 tsp garlic salt
1/4 onion powder
black pepper
kosher salt
rinse seeds well pick out all orange stuff, mix with everything except salt
spread out on cookie sheets then sprinkle generously with kosher salt, bake at 400 till browning then take a spatula and move around sprinkle more salt and bake for another 10 min or so. Store any that dont get eaten that 1st night in an airtight container.
Love them LOVE U!

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  1. So, I have never made pumpkin seeds with seasoning...just salt so I thought I'd give these little buggers a try. YUM!!! It definitely makes them just a bit yummier!!!