November 01, 2009

NEVER say Never....

If there is one thing that I have definitely learned, BUT not perfected, is that I need to never say "never". Oh I have done it so many times, its SICK. Made a statement about how I would never do this or that or maybe I haven't even voiced my opinion out loud, but I have had strong thoughts about it. You know what I mean. Like for example. "Who would be dumb enough to take a guinea pig to a veterinarian?" For crying out loud, its just a rodent, that cost $11. What a waste of time.....blah blah. I have made many a statement like this about anything from animals to cell phones to music. Oh it is so pitiful. Yes this is true confessions by Sheila. I am a wretch. Oh if not by the grace of God.....

Where am I going with this? Ask me where I was yesterday. Okay I will tell you. In the vet with Penny the guinea pig and my frantic daughter. The silly piggy couldn't move its back legs. (We think it was possibly loved a bit too much by lil sister.) It had been discovered the night before dragging its hind side around. We just put it to Ainslie plain, its probably gonna die, it doesn't seem to be in pain. She sobbed as she begged us to take the pig to the vet and see if he could help her pretty Penny. Please, please. She so loves this pet and has been so good with it. And she begged for at least two years for one, and now after two months the thing has been fatally injured. YIkes! I felt horrible for her, Ainslie that is. I didn't really answer her questioning about the vet, because her father, my wonderful husband had said, "do NOT take that thing to the vet, its gonna cost 80bucks".
But after I tossed and turned all night thinking of how Ainslie was probably gonna wake up to her beloved Penny dead and how I was going to have to bury the stupid thing and Ken and to work early(how convenient!) I got up and looked up our Vets phone number. Yeah! they opened at 8am, they could see us at 9:30 and it was going to cost $23 max. But now I had to call people and finagle a ride for brother to soccer and explain I had to go to the vet with a pet. "No not Jack our guinea pig" sheepishly, feeling very foolish. Jack by the way is our 4yr old golden retriever.

While I am in the vet with Ainslie bawling her eyes out, my good friend D calls me, to ask a food question, but I tell her quickly and quietly (too quick and quiet apparently) I would have to call her back because we were at the vet with the pig whose back legs aren't working might have to put it down, please pray for Ainslie she is a wreck, good-bye. After we leave I call D back, her husband says she is at the grocery store. So when I get home I call her on her cell. She says "I am almost there with some donuts hows everybody doing?"( in a very upset and crying voice. Yeah we're fine we brought the pig home. "The Pig???" she says. Yeah they said to watch her and sent us home with oral cortisone. "What you're not talking about Jack?" My dear, amazing, good friend thought we were going to have to put our precious Jack down, NOT a blasted guinea pig! And she was on her way over with fresh, warm pumpkin spice donuts from Post Family Farm!!!! To ease our pain and loss. Oh my goodness gracious, God is so good. We got a good belly laugh out of that mix up, as we watched the silly guinea pig drag its back side around the kitchen island as we ate our yummy warm donuts and gave thanks that we have friends who know what will comfort us when we are down!
I am hoping for mercy in those areas where I have been rigid and said I would never do this or that. And I will pray that I can be merciful, and forgiving to others that I catch in this trap of nevers. Because you just never ever know when you are gonna end up in a veterinarian clinic with a guinea pig.


  1. So glad I could be a source of "belly laugh" vs. offering up a box of kleenex! I guess I am a lil attached to your four legged addition, Jake, as well! Although thankful Penny is OK I am more thankful it wasn't Jake dragging his hind legs behind him! Love you guys.

    So, are Robinettes better than Post's?


  2. Oh no Posts are better, but Robinnettes are darn close. Post isnt open on Sunday :(.