February 25, 2010

gOOd Mornin' P-Dub!

Today one of favorite peeps is going to be on Good Morning America. THE PIONEER WOMAN,Ree Drummond AAAHH! I am so nervous for her. My chest feels tight. I am drinking insane amounts of coffee, I haven't showered, my T.V. is blaring and my dishwasher is hanging open.

I will try to get a one of those film clip thingys on here later, in case you miss it. It might take me a couple weeks, because I am technologically challenged....I will try my best for sooner rather than later.

I gotta go, she is on RIGHT NOW making pot roast, and mocha brownies!!!

Okay I'm back, they had her there for a minute and now she's gone. At a time like this I wish I twittered, I would be twittering my buns off about P-Dub on GMA! And annoying the heck out of everyone, in the process!

Jerry Bruckheimer is on GMA today! And Ree is a HUGE movie freak! I bet she is peeing herself! Geez when I was in the studio audience of GMA NO body was on there, it was the most boring morning on GMA in the history of GMA! Well, I am happy for Ree she deserves this, YOU GO GIRL! I'm sweating for you!

Okay I was wrong Jer wasn't on there. FALSE alarm, it was just a feature segment. I'm a wreck....OH they just gave her a few seconds...she's cutting pot roast! Looking beautiful, and I see no rings-o-fire! Maybe I really am doing all the sweatin' for her!


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  1. I saw her this morning and was soooo excited. I totally love her and didn't realize she was going to be on GMA. How did I miss this???? Anywho, I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to enter your generous contest for a signed copy of her cookbook. Am I commenting in the right place??? Sure hope so!

    Love your blog, BTW. You are now in my reader. Woohoooo!

  2. Ree was wonderful this morning. They kept cutting to her while she was working on the food. She would smile and wave each time. She looked so relaxed. Sam Champion stole a piece of carrot on his way to do the weather, and George had to apologize for getting into the food while Ree was talking. Would love an autographed copy!