February 14, 2010

Valentines Day Giveaway WINNER!

AND THE WINNER IS................Hillary Murphy! Hillary you are the very first giveaway winner on Strawberry Cake! You go GIRL! WOOOOHOOOO! YahhhOOOO! YIppeee! I am so happy for you. Check your email dear. I feel like I just gave away a million bucks. I WISH! It took my team of statisticians a few minutes to arrive at the winner. I pay these guys the big bucks mind you.

It was fun for me to see what movies you all listed. The Titanic was mentioned a few times, as well as The Notebook. Some old ones I kind of forgot about and need to watch again, like Officer and a Gentleman. Then some interesting choices....Pee Wees Big Adventure, um OK.

Kenny and I watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding the other night. Oh my goodness, that movie is SO funny! So many things I forgot about her crazy family. So make yourself some chips and cheese tonight and hunker down with your honey and watch a romantic movie and smooch!

Hoping you have a wonderfully, relaxing, romantic Valentines Day with your loved ones! LuvYA!

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  1. We are watching the very romantic NASCAR! Nothing says I love you like the Daytona 500. Well at least it makes my hubby happy.