February 24, 2010

Note to SELF

Ugh! Is it the middle of winter blues, hormones, only 6 hours of sleep, possible all of the above combined with a puking dog. Look at him...poor dude! Or Doots as he is lovingly referred to. Real name Jack but he is rarely called by that name since he lives in the "House of Nicknames".

Note to self: NEVER ever dump your grease from frying chicken within the perimeters of a dogs invisible fence. Actually this should read note to HUSBAND. I'll give it to him it's cold, the snow is "kinda" deep. So why wade to the edge of the yard to dump the grease in the woods, lets just dump it on the edge of the driveway where the dog can snack on it.

Oh, I am POSITIVE this was delicious going down, but now my poor Doots is having a very bad chicken grease hang over. And, I of course knowing nearly nothing about the dogs, am wondering could he die? Can a dog die from chicken grease overdose? Maybe I should google this....or Ask Jeeves it or snicker doodle it or something. I just wish he could tell me..."it's okay lady, I'm feelin better than last night" or "OH DEAR GOD take me to the doggie hospital NOW!". Who knows what's going on in his Doodle brain (another name he goes by).

I am pretty sure he is thinking "Why woman must you take pictures of me?", "My eyes are boogery, my fur is greasy, and my mouth tastes like cat poo. Please go..lady please go." So I will leave him..and go to "ask Jeeves" what to do for a dog that O.D. on chicken frying grease.

Bon Appetit'!

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  1. Not to get you in a tizzy, but our dog Daisy (a Golden Retriever also!) cleaned out the entire "drip" bucket from our Traeger grill. So she ate 6 cups of somewhat solid grease last 4th of July. She got sick, so we took her to the vet. Her pancreas was shutting down, she ran a fever, etc. They had to give drugs and keep her overnight. Which is more expensive on a holiday! But she needed help, so you might keep an eye on Jack. Good Luck!

  2. Hilary, thanks for your advice. My sister told me her online dog source said to feed him bread and get him to drink water...which how do you force a dog to drink? Then if sickness persists take to vet. So, I will keep and eye on him...poor Buddy.

  3. Oh poor puppy! I hope he recovers quickly without a visit to the vet.

  4. Oh poor Doots! Hope he is better soon. Our lab eats Hannah's underwear and my glasses, at least yours eats yummy stuff! Keep us posted.

  5. OH, no!!! I don't think Post Family Farm is open for homemade pumpkin donuts! I pray Jack is feeling better soon.

    I did google search "strawberry cake blog" still on the 2nd page.

  6. How sad does he look! Makes me want to crawl up next to your puppy and try to make him feel better!

    Hope he feels better soon!