December 10, 2009


Look past the yummy biscuits to the boy in the back ground. That would be my Noah. What is he doing you ask.... finger boarding or tech decking if you are using momtalk. Yes, he is boarding through my baking space. If you have a boy that does this finger board thing, you know how annoying that slap, slamming noise is. SLAP, slam, WHIZ, skid, slap, slam, slap ,slam........... Oh my! My hormones, my head!

If you don't have boys...I'm sorry. I am blessed to have two of each. God is allowing me to experience his creation of man and women two fold. And truly girls and boys are so dramatically different from each other. When I'm cooking the girls are touching, tasting, smelling. They are making pretty sugary things from my leftover dough. And the boys are tech decking through my flour dust. Don't get me wrong. My boys love to be in the kitchen. What they love to do is chop, stir, smash crackers in a bag, brown meat that is spewing hot grease at them. You get what I'm sayin.

I would say if I could do anything all day it would be to stand at my kitchen island with my jammies on, apron over them, and my kids all around me. That's a good day!

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  1. What on earth is tech decking?? Finger boarding like a mini skate board for your fingers?? CKM