December 14, 2009

12 of my FAVEorite THingS

Christmas is by far my favorite time of the year. What other time of the year can you run around like a crazy person spending insane amounts of money on your kids, eat 15 bagillion calories every day for 2 weeks straight, show up at peoples doors with cinnamon rolls and other goodies and not be asked, "what's this for?". I love IT! So I want to share a few (well 12 to be exact) of my very favorite things about Christmas. Some are Christ centered and others are just funky things I have collected. But I hope you enjoy the next 12 days.


gIngerBread HouseS

Many years ago my good friends Cindy and Jodi gave me a gingerbread house kit, I think it sat in my cupboard for 3 or 4 years and it made a few moves with me before I used it. (sorry cind and jode) But now I use it every year. Its great. Each kiddo gets their own house to decorate as they want.

This is the sugar bomb that goes off in my kitchen while my crazily, creative children are decorating their houses.

I am still finding royal icing blobs on my floor and table and other places I won't mention. It IS worth the mess, it smells so awesome. And you can smell that gingerbready, spicy smell all season long.


  1. They are masterpieces! I just love them. I now know why you have dog's and big boys heading straight for them to sneak a quick bit before anyone notices! Good job Johnson kids!