December 21, 2009

Number EiGhT

La la lalalala la lala lalala lala, can you hear my song in your head? Probably not, cause if you were right next to me listening you wouldn't be able to make it out either. I stink at singing! I mean I really stink, ask my sister and my family. If I can't think of a song I will humm it and say "you know that song?!" and they are looking back at me painfully confused, because they know if they don't guess it right they will have to endure my further attempts at trying to sing the song. Okay enough about my horrendous vocals. THIS is my next, and newest favorite thing! I LOVE IT! It says it all doesn't it.............My good friend and fellow foodie (PW partner), is the creator of REDLETTERwords, she gave this to me. And beware because they are my favorite gift to give these days. Take a second and click on the redletter up there and check out her website. Dee loves the Lord and has put Gods word into a format that we can have on our wall in front of our faces everyday! LOVE that... By the way I was singing "Away in the Manger". Yeah, I know it sounds nothing like the song.

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  1. We love your singing...especially during Christmas carolling! I am singing right along with you and I adore REDLETTERwords. Dee has a gift!