December 16, 2009


Okay, this little guy is the coolest thing, I just love him. He is kinda like my Thanksgiving Pilgrim People.........I hug him and make him do a little jig, I sing Oh Tannenbaum as I unwrap him from his Rubbermaid slumber. BUT there is one thing about him that's gross and totally not in line with the Christmas spirit. Its that.............

HE SMOKES! He really smokes. You can't see it in the picture, because my camera stinks.......but this little guy literally smokes his pipe. My kids love it. They are like "make him smoke, make him smoke!". Kinda weird, I know.......You have to tear the little man apart at the waist insert a lighted incense cone in his belly and put him back together and then it appears that he is smoking! One of my souvenirs from Germany. So if you can't find someone to smoke with you (out in our garage) this Christmas season you are welcome to take "little smokin' guy" out in the garage with you!


  1. I think my kids would love Mr. Smoky, too.

  2. Little smoking man is my fav too - I am jealous of him....well, not him, but you for having him I guess - LOL! ;-) I'll have to see about getting one myself! CKM