December 09, 2009


Potential snow days are apparently a HUGE motivator to me. I guess I need to work something out with our local meteorologist to forecast a gigantic storm every week. One that threatens to shut down the city and then and only then will I be able to accomplish nearly all my Christmas shopping, all my grocery shopping, and I got alot of my food for parties bought AND my toilets got cleaned too!

I hope you don't think I am bragging, but I also got a work out in this morning. NO I am not bragging if you know me you would know that I usually spend lots of time spinning in circles, doing a little of this a bit of that. I have realized, since I turned 40, many things about my self and one is that I am ADD. I find it very hard to focus on anyone thing too long. There are just to many thing to do and only 24 hours in everyday!

Well I really hope that "they" weren't wrong today about this storm, because ME and my kids are gonna be bummed! I guess for me its a win win situation though when I think about it. If the kids don't have school I get a day with my kiddos with not alot of stuff hanging over my head, and if they do go to school then I get a FREE day.........................Lunch anyone?

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