December 22, 2009

number NINE

Oh my goodness gracious me............its day nine!

Remember when you had your first baby, or when you got married or when I guess maybe you went to college......people had advise. Lots of advise. I can remember thinking, "uh huh, uh huh, uh huh", not really listening sometimes at all. HOW RUDE! I'm just gonna say right now SORRY to the person who said to me "be careful what you start, you could make alot of work for yourself". I don't know maybe no one told me that, maybe it's something I have had to figure out for my self. And if I had listened I would not have these adorable tiles, nor would the grandparents. It was easy at first, I just took Noah there, he was so good almost one at the time he just sat in his stroller as I put his tootsy toes on 4 tiles and then painted them. Then along came Ainslie, who was born in August and cried nonstop until March. That was the year I enlisted my poor sister to come with me and help. We quickly got her feet prints and sweated like heck painting them so we could get the heck out of there. Then Luke, I think I hired a baby sitter that year to watch the other two and I took him by myself. Well then along came Cece, I think that's the year I was really brave and we all went and I let the other three paint while I did her footsy tiles. CRAZY! I am sure the people at the pottery place were counting the minutes till this mom with a 5, 4, 2 1/2 , and 6month old got OUT of their store. Great memories.............and every year when I unwrap them from there tissue paper packing we all talk about the size of their feet and where we lived that Christmas.....etc....etc.... I could fill pages with pictures of all the things my kids have made over the years. Its all just too sweet. I still have the first ornament Noah brought home from preschool. Its simply a wooden star with gold sparkles glued on. I love that star!

A few years back my dad brought over a baggy, pre zip-loc, he had found it in a box he was going through from the attic. He is always going through some box these days and offing all kinds of junk on my sister and I.........thats a whole other post. What was in the baggy you ask? Cookies! Christmas cookies that I had decorated as a little girl and gave to my Grandma, she couldn't bare to eat them apparently, and she saved them for nearly 30 years!

Amazing the things we hang on to.....

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