December 17, 2009


Our Advent Wreath, is one of my favorite things. I look forward to how it brings our family together to remember that "Jesus IS the reason for the Season".

Week one, Hope-the prophet Isaiah gave us Gods promise of a Saviour and that's our HOPE.
Week two, Faith-faith WOW did Mary and Joseph have faith or WHAT???!!*&^% just take a second and pause on the thought of God coming to you as a young teenage woman, telling you that you are caring HIS child, the Creator of the Universes Child!, (Luke 1:26-38), and she believed! "I am the Lords servant, and I am willing to do whatever HE wants." Okay, reality check in my own life............... Week three, Joy- the shepherds candle. To think THEY got to be the first to see the Son of God! Week four, Peace-the angels candle. I just love the thought of the angels singing then and now in heaven. Wow! now that's a concert I DO not want to miss!

So what do we do with this wreath of candles??? Well we give each child a chance to read the scripture that goes with that week and to light the candle. Then we sometimes sing a song, like "Angels we have heard on high", or "Away in a Manger", "Joy to the World", while Noah or
Ainslie plays the piano. Okay don't gag yourself, if you think it sounds like the Von Trap family from "Sound of Music" or something, and you are saying "PaLEEEASE...." Usually there is some sort of argument, Cece is talking while Luke is reading, "why do I always have to go last to light the candle" "I don't want to sing, this is stupid....", sometimes there are lots of rolling of eyes. And to tell you the truth, some nights I just rather let everyone stay in their corner of the house, than haul us all together and hear the whining. BUT, in the end, WHAT is this season all about anyway???? We need to remember....God made a lot of promises and he fulfilled everyone of them for us through Christ. HALLELUJAH!

You don't need a special wreath to do this with your family. Just open your Bible AND your heart to Gods promises, and take a moment to remember what Christmas is really about. Many blessings to you~


  1. Thanks! I will definately be getting a wreath for next year. I always loved the wreath as a child, but it has been years since I have had one. I love your blog!

  2. Very cool Sheila! Patrick and I are always trying to brain storm some family traditions to start. We might have to try this one. I'm so glad you shared the whole story and didn't leave me feeling guilty for thinkin' "there's no way this would go smoothly with a house full of Nesbits"... you are such a great mom- thanks for the inspiration.