December 19, 2009

straight UP appleSAUCE

Okay I am really hoping none of you was Johny on the Spot and made the Cinnamon Hanging recipe as soon as you read it. And if you did I am sincerely hoping that you used PLAIN applesauce because I did not specify that in my directions. NO sweeteners just PLAIN ol' simple applesauce. And just to be safe add 1/3 cup then add the 2nd 1/3 gradually to get the right consistency. Well I started to make mine this morning with sweetened, and I now have Cinnamon Glue Soup. It's lovely! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH. Praying that yours went fabulously......................Remember PLAIN applesauce!

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  1. What about this new FABULOUS stite? I am loving I even love your signiture with the cute little strawberry next to it. Wonderful.

  2. oh my gosh! ditto what demetria said!!
    Love it:)

  3. thanks for the recipe..on my way to get cinnamon. 12 hugs~Renee (mommy Tolle)

  4. Made the cinnamon ornaments last night! They turned out great! I love the new look! Love the giant strawberry in front of cute little you! Lisa