December 19, 2009

NumBER 6

This is getting hard. Not because I can't figure out what to put as my favorites, but because there are just too darn many things that I cherish this time of year. One thing I (and my husband) really look forward to is Christmas cards. I LOVE getting cards, its like getting dozens of little gifts everyday. Like when you ordered something online and you are waiting, waiting, running out to the front porch everyday...........

Of course as the saying goes "giving is always better than recieving", NOT SO MUCH to be honest I way rather recieve Christmas cards than give them. I guess it's not so much that I dont want to give them, its just one more thing that I feel like I have to check off my list. But if others like recieving my card HALF as much as I like recieving theirs that makes it ALL worth it!!!!!

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  1. Your Christmas card is adorable!

  2. I LOVED getting your Christmas card today- super cute!

  3. Well, I have an idea...why don't you just keep this theme going until you get tired of it, run out of things, or take down all your Christmas stuff. Thanks for hosting today. You make a terrific host and your home is decorated so beautifully. It is just so cozy and warm.