December 15, 2009


Another of my favorite things is the receipt of our "Germany package". Every year my German exchange sister and I send packages full of things that are special to our memories of the other ones country. She sends me Stollen Bread and Lebkuchen and I send her chocolate chips and taco seasoning! Now that we both have kids it has become even more fun. The kids anticipate the arrival of this box almost as much as Christmas morning.

Andrea always way out does me, with many candies and all kinds of clever small gifts for us all. This year the hit was finger soccer and puzzle balls, and as always KINDER chocolate is the BEST!


  1. I hope you will share with us all the goodies that lie within that the picute form I mean! Look foward to meeting you back here tomorrow.

  2. Hi Fritz
    Thanks for the flowers. Iam glad you liked it, we had fun putting the package together too. Love Kraut

  3. i love kinder schokolade!! a pack of 8 doesn't last me longer than 4-5 min, tops! can she be my exchange sister too?