January 27, 2010


Life is full of disappointments, everyday there is something that disappoints us..right? We most likely don't even register it on our disappointment radar. We process it and go on. Life goes on! Usually I don't get my hopes up over stuff... like raffle tickets or drawings or winning things. I never play the lottery. Not that I have a big stance on gambling...I just think it is setting myself up to be disappointed and of course throwing my money away at the same time. (enough said)

BUT I let myself do it this week.... I let myself get my hopes up. Ree aka the Pioneer Woman. (And if you STILL don't know who this person is PLEASE, I beg of you go to her website NOW.) was doing a giveaway last week. NOT just any giveaway either. GIVEAWAY = a weekend at her ranch, at "the lodge", a weekend of eating, also including a Sushi Chef coming and teaching us how to make sushi. DID YOU HEAR ME a Sushi Chef.....okay, I am getting a little excited.....deep cleansing breaths...okay I need to go get a cup of java-Jo.

Yummy a fresh cup-o-Jo makes everything better. So as I was saying, four people could win this and bring a guest with them. 23,209 people commented! My chances where 2 in 23, 209 because my sister entered too, so I knew she would bring me, because if she didn't I would have to rassle her! I really wanted to win. But I didn't.....POOOP!

Today I checked her site she announced the winners...BUT here is the kicker Dana in Idaho has yet to get back with P-Dub, sooooo I may still have a chance. I am holding out hope, and setting myself up for disappointment. Oh well! Tomorrows a new day.....I won't let it get me down. Besides I've got my Cowgirl Dinner Party Friday to prepare for... see always something to look forward to!

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  1. Maybe Dana in Idaho will come down with a severe case of the pocks or something (not that I am wishing ill will on anyone!) and we will go!! And eat and watch cows and sleep in and wake up to the smells of P-dubs kitchen!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh!

  2. I could take care of Dana in Iowa for you. I know people who know people. (Just kidding, of course, in case the police read your blog. I know no one.)

    I hope you get your chance -- if not this time another time soon.

  3. Oops! I meant Idaho. There are just too many "I" states.

  4. I am just so impressed at how calm you were. That "rassled" came out of your mouth and "poop." You are so good! Cause I was so not happy when I didn't win! I wasn't so well mannered! And coffee is not what I went for... just teasin', well at least about the coffee part. Have fun at your Cowgirl Dinner party on Friday. I am feeling pretty poopy with ya!

  5. Friends who feel my pain unite! We will lift our heads high and keep commenting on PW's site eventually we may win or she will call a restraining order on us. Hoping for the first one.

  6. I have been commenting on PWs site for about 3 1/2 years an dwon NOTHING. Well, except after I met her at the book signing, she knew me from my blog and posted it on her blog post about Little Rock. She even put on there that I was an old interent friend of hers. So, I guess that is winning, but I wanted to go for sushi!!!!!!

    Let's keep on keeping on. Maybe, just maybe, one day we will be at the ranch.
    The Park Wife

  7. YES Park Wife lets keep on keeping on! Amen sisterfriend!