January 19, 2010


This is how my seven year old says pancakes....pan-A-cakes. She always throws an extra vowel in there for good measure. So, I made Edna Mae's Pancakes...

Compared to the recipe that I usually make there was very little flour, 7 Tbsp to be exact. Doesn't that seem odd?

They were super easy to whip up, you needed sour cream and no milk. That was odd too, the no milk part. The kids seemed to like them....I honestly didn't ask them, but they ate them. That's all that counts right?! I thought they had more the flavor of a crepe, a bit more eggy than our usual Johnson Flapjacks! My problem was probably that I do not have a cast iron skillet. Ree cooked her pancakes in a cast iron skillet with a generous amount of butter in it. Dag-gummit! I NEED me one of those things, if I'm gonna be cookin' like P-Dub! The picture she has in her book could win prizes.....they looked so amazingly buttery and yummy. And mine....well....

Not so much.

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  1. i totally would have eaten those pan a cakes:)

  2. I might have to try those pan-a-cakes! I even have a cast iron skillet.

  3. Yours look fantastic! but then again I do not have the cookbook (yet) to compare pictures.

  4. They can't be bad if the kids ate them!!!

  5. I agree if the kids ate them then they must have been good! They look yummy to me. P-dubs photos are pretty awesome.