January 14, 2010

I DO have a Plan

I know this probably seems all random shmandom to you all, but I do have a plan...I plan to get this cook book project done by Wednesday, March 31, 2010. That's my plan, and I'm stickin' to it! I have had a few people voice some concern that maybe I need to pick up the pace I only have 10 1/2 weeks left and by my calculations 58 recipes to go. VERY doable! So you stop worrying about me....I'll be alright.

Also, it has been said that I am not cussing enough. Like Julie Powell, she cussed like a sailor. Well, stick around...dag-gum-it! I actually had a whole jar of grape jelly fall on the floor the other day and I screamed "SUCK!" Yeah, I know....this is getting a bit PG-13.

My P-Dub cookbook is already looking a little ragged, just from me thumbing through it so much. I think the Perfect Pot Roast will be next. Who knows I might just get crazy and do up some of Edna Mae's pancakes (or "panAcakes" as my Cece likes to say), who knows maybe a few Potato Skins. Its gonna be a great weekend!

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  1. Don't worry seester - I swear enough for both of us. IF your readers would like, I'd be happy to start cussing in my comments! LOL :-) BTW - I had lunch at Bloom today and had a grilled goat cheese and strawberry jam sandwich and it was DE-freakin-LICIOUS! So simple-everyone must try it.

  2. OOOh la la I think I must try what kind or bread was it on?

  3. I don't doubt that you have a plan Sheila! With 4 kids and an ER doc for a hubby! You have to have a plan! At least some of the time...and a good sense of humor! Which I see that you have! No need for cussin', I wouldn't be offended if you need, but doesn't really seem your style :-). Where is Bloom? Also do you girls know of a good place for Sushi in GR. I am coming from the West side to GR on Monday, craving Sushi. We have some places in Grand Haven, okay but not the greatest. Robin

  4. ooh let me call my sister....ok she said Mikado on the corner of 28th and East Paris(in the shoe carnival strip mall), Marado is on Monroe downtown GR, or Showgun is on Breton near 28th street. Hope you have fun!

  5. Thanks Sheila! So many choices. My plans changed, but now I know where to go!