January 25, 2010

movie review: The ToothFairy

Okay... Dwayne "the ROCK" Johnson......what more do I have to say....this guys cheesy smile is the best! I took my four + two more kiddos Sunday night to see "The Tooth Fairy". (Daddy was watching football playoff games and we needed to escape, things can get intense at our house during big football games.) If you were in Grandville at the same movie, and you thought, "who's the Chick with the basketball team", that was me!

The paper gave it two STARS...I am sorry, what do they teach these people in movie critic school! We loved this movie. It was good, clean fun! It pleased the 13 year olds and the 7 years olds. WHAT more do I have to say???? I did not set there taking notes on bad words and use of alcohol, but I always have my mommy radar on in movies and nothing stood out to me. Very clean....only a little bit of smooching and then he went home to his own bed.

We are living in the age of Avatar, and Harry Potter, when people forget what it means just to watch a good wholesome movie and enjoy it with out being disappointed because there weren't enough bells and whistles, or some super, fantastical story line. AND Billy Crystal was in it for goodness sake! Where has Billy been??? I love him. The Tooth Fairy's case worker "Tracy" was very lovable. I had never seen this guy in a movie. He was funny. And Julie Andrews as the Queen Fairy, PERFECT. Watch for her wings to blush. This move made us ALL giggle. All around, giggles makes it at least a 3 Star here on Strawberry Cake Movie Reviews.com. The press said it was 80's. HEY whats wrong with 80's???!!! I grew up in the 80's, and it was gnarly.

So that's my 2cents on this movie. If you have seen it, let me know what you think, because, I never went to movie critic school(if there even is such a thing), I am just self taught! Mostly on 80's movies..

My panel of kid movie reviewers gave it a 3 1/2 STAR.

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  1. Hey, where HAS Billy been????? I like your movie review...I think you just graduated from review school!!

  2. wow, the tooth fairy movie was cheesy. it was my favorite movie since this January. guys, it was wonderful.when i watched its trailer first i thought it will be really perfect. but unfortunately it was not perfect as i thought.